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How To Make The Best Of Opt-In

I have always thought that customer relationship management (CRM) of Turkish companies in general was a bit lackluster. Contrary to what most corporations think, customer relationship management is more than just keeping customer records in a database. After collecting good customer data, it must be successfully mined, analyzed and used in creative ways to increase customer profitability without pissing people off.

Unfortunately, most Turkish companies merely treat CRM as a tool that allows them to carpet bomb messages to customers in various media, mobile SMS being the most popular, rather than deliver surgical strikes. And thanks to slow progress in the legal field, most of them got away with it without significant penalties so far. To prevent the erosion of goodwill, as well as to spend marketing budgets more efficiently, Turkish companies need to get more serious about opt-in to realize the benefits.

My colleague from our Mitchell Madison Group years, Derek Martin, currently Sales Director at Velti, talks about how to use opt-in to get the right message in front of the right customer while increasing customer value in Getting Past Opt-In.

“By actively cultivating and managing opt-in lists, companies can continue to develop and enrich relationships with customers and foster trust and openness. In a customer-empowered relationship, these traits can make the difference between success and failure.”

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