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Organizational DNA

Neilson, Pasternack and Mendes, three management consultants with Booz Allen Hamilton, discuss what they call Organizational DNA, an organization’s unique traits in The Four Bases of Organizational DNA:

  • Structure: What do the organizational hierarchy and connections look like?
  • Decision Rights: Who decides what? Where are the boundaries?
  • Motivators: What objectives and incentives do people have? What are they encouraged to do?
  • Information: Who knows what? Who talks to whom? How?

“Execution is woven deeply into the warp and woof of organizations. It is embedded in the management processes, relationships, measurements, incentives, and beliefs that collectively define the “rules of the game” for each company.

Although we often think of companies as monolithic entities, they’re not. They’re collections of individuals who typically act in their own self-interest. Superior and consistent corporate execution occurs only when the actions of individuals within it are aligned with one another, and with the overall strategic interests and values of the company.

Performance is the sum total of the tens of thousands of actions and decisions that, at large companies, thousands of people, at every level, make every day.”

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